Traditional Vs. Modern Weddings

Traditional Vs. Modern Weddings

How exciting! The love of your life has officially declared their desire to spend the rest of their life with you by popping the question. Now the fun (or stress) begins – planning for the big day! The first question (well the next question you should ask yourself after he’s popped THE question) are you going to have a traditional Wedding or a modern Wedding? What’s the big difference? Here’s a few pointers to help you decide.

Islamic marriage certificateTraditional Wedding

Traditional Weddings follow a religious or cultural tradition.

Traditional Weddings generally take place in a church or the place of worship suited to your beliefs, and led by a religious head. This ceremony includes readings from the Bible or religious text, and traditional marriage vows.
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Modern Wedding

With modern or contemporary Weddings, you don’t have any real restrictions or limitations. You and your partner can choose every detail including the Wedding ceremony venue, theme, vows etc.

As modern Weddings are typically non-religious in nature, they can take place in any location such as a garden, park, hotel, beach, art gallery – basically anywhere that you wish or can afford.

A modern Wedding ceremony can be an event with lots of family and friends, or a couple may choose a simple and intimate civil ceremony. Either of these can be performed by someone who is licensed to conduct a marriage ceremony, such as a Wedding celebrant.

Marriage certificateIn the case of modern Weddings, the Bride and Groom often write their own vows or include poems, letters or song lyrics.

Whatever you decide, just remember that this special day belongs to you and your partner. Don’t let a pushy mother or mother-in-law-to-be tell you how you should have your dream day!

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