5 Tips To Throwing The Ultimate Hipster Wedding In Melbourne

5 Tips To Throwing The Ultimate Hipster Wedding In Melbourne

So, what makes a ‘hipster’ Wedding different to any other Wedding theme? Hipsters embrace the old, the cool, the ironic, the untraditional, the unique and the creative. A hipster couple’s Wedding is all about representing their love and their personalities in an original way. Here’s 5 helpful hints for hosting the best hipster Wedding right here in Melbourne.

1. Being Unconventional Is A Must
A hipster Wedding should be unconventional, so churches, gardens and beaches have been done time and time again. There are plenty of unusual Wedding venues in Melbourne, so choose your favourite organic café, craft beer bar or art gallery space to host your ceremony and/or reception. Choose a place that’s cool, quirky and means something to you and your lover – just not some place where your friends have already tied the knot.

Graffiti wall2. Make It Yourself
When it comes to Wedding decorations, generic and store bought simply won’t do. Nothing says hipster-chic more than designing or making your own killer invitations and gorgeous bunting. Think of each piece as a mini work of art that is reflective of your style and says something special about your union. For the bunting, consider material or lace instead of paper for a bit of texture. Don’t forget to use blackboards for decoration and for informing your guests that they can sit anywhere they like. No seating arrangements? Of course, hipsters don’t follow the traditional Wedding rules!

3. Old, New, Borrowed… Green?
The saying goes that a bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. A hipster bride can have this covered by hitting up the local Op-shop for unique and beautiful Wedding attire. The great thing about hipster fashion is that it doesn’t have to match, so you and your love can wear whatever patterns and fabrics you want! Forget ugly, matching bridesmaids’ dresses, let your besties choose the type of dress they love for your special day, and everyone will be happily uncoordinated yet totally gorgeous!

4. Take Advantage Of Melbourne Culture
Most Melbourne couples have their Wedding photos professionally taken at beautiful Melbourne iconic venues such as The Victoria Barracks or The Royal Botanic Gardens. Melbourne is the home to some of Australia’s best graffiti and public art, so why not get imaginative and have your photos taken in these unusual spots. Also, why not set up a vintage photo booth or pop out some Polaroid cameras, and let your guests have some fun capturing your candid Wedding moments.
Hipster fixie wedding BlackEvents South Melbourne

5. Say Au Revoir
Truly break tradition and ride away off into the sunset with matching Wedding fixies (fixed speed pushbikes). Just don’t forget the ‘Just Married’ signs hanging on the back of the seat.

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