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Traditional Vs. Modern Weddings

How exciting! The love of your life has officially declared their desire to spend the rest of their life with you by popping the question. Now the fun (or stress) begins – planning for the big day! The first question (well the next question you should ask yourself after he’s popped THE question) are you going to have a traditional Wedding or a modern Wedding? What’s the big difference? Here’s a few pointers to help you decide.

Islamic marriage certificateTraditional Wedding

Traditional Weddings follow a religious or cultural tradition.

Traditional Weddings generally take place in a church or the place of worship suited to your beliefs, and led by a religious head. This ceremony includes readings from the Bible or religious text, and traditional marriage vows.
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Modern Wedding

With modern or contemporary Weddings, you don’t have any real restrictions or limitations. You and your partner can choose every detail including the Wedding ceremony venue, theme, vows etc.

As modern Weddings are typically non-religious in nature, they can take place in any location such as a garden, park, hotel, beach, art gallery – basically anywhere that you wish or can afford.

A modern Wedding ceremony can be an event with lots of family and friends, or a couple may choose a simple and intimate civil ceremony. Either of these can be performed by someone who is licensed to conduct a marriage ceremony, such as a Wedding celebrant.

Marriage certificateIn the case of modern Weddings, the Bride and Groom often write their own vows or include poems, letters or song lyrics.

Whatever you decide, just remember that this special day belongs to you and your partner. Don’t let a pushy mother or mother-in-law-to-be tell you how you should have your dream day!

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5 Tips To Throwing The Ultimate Hipster Wedding In Melbourne

So, what makes a ‘hipster’ Wedding different to any other Wedding theme? Hipsters embrace the old, the cool, the ironic, the untraditional, the unique and the creative. A hipster couple’s Wedding is all about representing their love and their personalities in an original way. Here’s 5 helpful hints for hosting the best hipster Wedding right here in Melbourne.

1. Being Unconventional Is A Must
A hipster Wedding should be unconventional, so churches, gardens and beaches have been done time and time again. There are plenty of unusual Wedding venues in Melbourne, so choose your favourite organic café, craft beer bar or art gallery space to host your ceremony and/or reception. Choose a place that’s cool, quirky and means something to you and your lover – just not some place where your friends have already tied the knot.

Graffiti wall2. Make It Yourself
When it comes to Wedding decorations, generic and store bought simply won’t do. Nothing says hipster-chic more than designing or making your own killer invitations and gorgeous bunting. Think of each piece as a mini work of art that is reflective of your style and says something special about your union. For the bunting, consider material or lace instead of paper for a bit of texture. Don’t forget to use blackboards for decoration and for informing your guests that they can sit anywhere they like. No seating arrangements? Of course, hipsters don’t follow the traditional Wedding rules!

3. Old, New, Borrowed… Green?
The saying goes that a bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. A hipster bride can have this covered by hitting up the local Op-shop for unique and beautiful Wedding attire. The great thing about hipster fashion is that it doesn’t have to match, so you and your love can wear whatever patterns and fabrics you want! Forget ugly, matching bridesmaids’ dresses, let your besties choose the type of dress they love for your special day, and everyone will be happily uncoordinated yet totally gorgeous!

4. Take Advantage Of Melbourne Culture
Most Melbourne couples have their Wedding photos professionally taken at beautiful Melbourne iconic venues such as The Victoria Barracks or The Royal Botanic Gardens. Melbourne is the home to some of Australia’s best graffiti and public art, so why not get imaginative and have your photos taken in these unusual spots. Also, why not set up a vintage photo booth or pop out some Polaroid cameras, and let your guests have some fun capturing your candid Wedding moments.
Hipster fixie wedding BlackEvents South Melbourne

5. Say Au Revoir
Truly break tradition and ride away off into the sunset with matching Wedding fixies (fixed speed pushbikes). Just don’t forget the ‘Just Married’ signs hanging on the back of the seat.

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9 Creative Winter Wedding Ideas

Traditionally, spring and summer are the two most popular months for Weddings but don’t discount Melbourne’s winter months. If you have planned to tie the knot in the coming months and are short on ideas to make it memorable, take inspiration from the Disney movie Frozen. Winter Weddings can be cozy, magical and romantic, so take a look at these ideas for a whimsical winter Wedding.

Wedding invitation1. Create warmth
Light and warmth for indoor Weddings in Melbourne is vital when it’s a blustery, cold day outside. Choose a venue for your ceremony and/or reception that will keep your guests comfortable, while allowing you to style your dream winter Wedding theme. One of the easiest ways to create a feeling of warmth in any environment is to use lamps and/or candles in addition to the overhead lighting. Mixing up the lighting helps to create soft pools of light to make a cold room feel inviting.

2. Bring a winter wonderland indoors, without the frostbite!
Decorate your Wedding and/or reception space with muted colour hues like ice blues, shimmery metallics and sleek whites. For an interesting Wedding reception idea, recreate a magical snow-covered forest with white tree branches adorned with (faux) snow, giant snowflakes, icicle-inspired crystal garlands and silver glitter. Your guests will be in awe.

3. Evoke drama and warmth
Walking down the aisle adorned with twinkling tea light candles arouses feelings of warmth and fantasy for the guests. Just be sure to keep your train well away from naked flames!

4. Keep the frosty feel

If you want to instill the chilly vibe, you can use lighting to give your venue ambience and turn your Wedding reception into a dazzling winter wonderland. Imagine, blue uplighting or images of wintry branches and snowflakes projected across the room for a frosty feel.

5. Leave the ice at the barPouring Chocolate Syrup Onto A Milkshake
Keep your guests toasty and warm during your ceremony and/or reception, with a bar serving rich hot chocolate and mulled wine instead of bubbly. This is a nice change and sure to surprise the guests at your Wedding.

6. Don’t shiver while posing for photos
When it comes to taking your Melbourne winter Wedding photos, look for warm, cozy locations. Think about beautiful historic buildings with a roaring fire place if it suits your theme. Or, if you’re into a modern look and feel, select an indoor space that’s contemporary such as a Warehouse or Art Gallery, with a stunning piece of modern art as a backdrop.

Beauty7.  Stylish and Warm
Brides can keep warm by complementing their perfect Wedding dress with a cute cape, gorgeous winter coat, or faux fur jacket. Don’t be afraid to make a jumper or cardigan the key piece of your Wedding outfit, just like the glamourous and fashionable Olivia Palermo and Keira Knightley did on their Wedding days. Bridesmaids will also look classy, elegant and warm with matching fur stoles or pashminas, and elbow length gloves.

8. Don’t throw that bouquet!
Keep your Wedding bouquet forever by opting for a bouquet made of vintage crystal brooches instead of flowers. They will last forever and twinkle just like little icicles as you walk down the aisle.

9. Bomboniere Baby
Wedding themed blankets and hot water bottles not only make cute thank you gifts for your guests, but they will keep them warm and toasty during your ceremony. For more fun Wedding favours, forget sugar coated almonds and give your guests sweet jars filled homemade cocoa and marshmallows.

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